June Meditation at the Castle

Wednesday Meditation, Discussion and Supper at the Castle

To help us cope with the increased energy from the Lunar Eclipse and Venus Transit, we are conducting Angel Meditation with Christine Dorahy as the facilitator.  Christine is a seasoned Energy healer, as well as performing Angel Intuitive Readings, Astrology and Numerology, Counselling and Holistic Pulsing and Facials. She has such a beautiful , gentle personality, it is reflected in her meditation.

On Weds 13th June:  Cassiel, the Guardian Angel of Saturday.  With Cassiel I will facilitate a meditation to find the personal Guardian Angel as well as another meditation with Cassiel.
I will also be introducing Rachmiel & other Angels of Comfort & Compassion & how we can contact & work with them.
On Weds 20th June:  It is the Winter Solstice so I will be speaking about that in regard to Angels. I will talk about the Angels of Winter & about working with Angels in general, eg. how to invoke them etc.  ALso I will be introducing Mumiah, Guardian Angel of Well being & Health. If we have time, I will do a guided Meditation with Archangels Raphael & Gabriel to balance the Masculine & Feminine.
On Weds 27th June:  Melchisadech… I will provide a short History of Melchizadeck (both spellings are correct) & the important significance of the number “7”.
On this evening it would be helpful if participants knew their day of birth. However, we can look it up if they do not know. I will be talking about Melchizadek & his Sacred 7 Angels of the Days of the Week.
There will be cleansing meditations using the Violet Ray as well as others ways to use this special Ray. Anyone with Amethysts is welcome to bring them along for a cleansing on this evening.

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