Jessica Mystic & Losita Workshop

Advance notice for July Events

Our international speakers.

Jessica Mystic and Losita Bhattacharya
Here is a glimpse of their workshop on the 7th & 8th July. Cost $150 for both days, including lunch.

1. What is Soul Archeology and Journey to Spirit?
(Introductory Module)
2. How do we Shift our Timelines? Why is 2012
important in shifting our personal and planetary
3. What are karmic patterns or unwanted patterns in our
lives? How can we release them?
4. Why are our stories and journeys important?
5. What is convergence of our linear and vertical
6. What is healing – how can we do multidimensional
7. How can we work through our dreams and become a
dream guide?

Day 1 includes the following meditations:
· Creating a pillar of light for alignment, protection and
for stilling the mind
· Visualization of a simple process of letting go
· A healing session for multidimensional healing

1. Moving Into the Heart and Connecting with your Inner
2. Experiencing Expansion through a meditation into
3. What are frequencies and dimensions? How can we
identify the 3th , 4th , 5th dimensions?
4. Who are the ETs? Why do people have UFO
5. Who are the angels, archangels, guides, masters,
indigos, crystal children, star seeds, and higher selves?
6. What is Oneness?
7. How do we operate within the Law of One? How can
we live in Oneness?
8. What is our higher purpose and how do can we reach

Day 2 includes the following meditations:
· A meditation to experience expansion
· Portal of Oneness meditation

Timelines & 2012 Q&A with
Jessica and Losita
Preview/Q&A session
There are many questions regarding
2012, the personal and planetary shift,
the shifting of timelines, the help we
are receiving from the light beings, the
inner shifts of earth, etc. In this open
forum, Jessica and Losita will talk about
the shift and answer questions on this

The Universe is always in balance.
Is your inner universe in balance within you?
For details on workshop schedule and contacts for
Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore, please
visit the Events page on or
If you have any queries, please email us at


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