Robbyne LaPlant Workshop in April

Return the Magick
To your journey
In an enchanting sanctuary
Facilitated by Robbyne LaPlant
And the magickal beings of the Unseen World
Saturday – April 20, 2012
10:00 – 4:00
$95.00 AUD
As we now rapidly move forward into the golden age we must learn to integrate the huge energy shifts occurring on our earthstar and align to these higher frequencies.  So many tools are available to us as we reconnect once again to the natural world.  When the portals opened at the time of the 12:12:12 and the 12:21:12 it opened the human world once again to the magick of the enchanted world. The mythical beings of long ago legends are returning and with them the remembrance of living in harmony.  Over the course of this day you will open to the magick and gain a deep understanding of these celestial guardians through different processes to connect with Unicorn, Pegasus, Phoenix and Dragon. 
The dragon line was activated and the ancient magick practiced by many Masters of the past is available for those who have awakened. The source of alchemy that  holds the power of the violet flame is guarded by the Dragon spirit.    
As an earth walker, and guardian of the Obsidian Skull known as EB, I continue to weave the violet flame, from the source of Mount Shasta, honoring the old alliance and sharing the first true religion that belongs to everyone, the Earth Religion and the wisdom of Earth Magick. 
Life is about connection and appreciating nature’s beauty as we each express in our own unique way the Venusian qualities of love, harmony, beauty, balance, creativity and passion. This is the Year of the Venus Star where the sense of family and community, one world, one light is expressed in every aspect of our life.
  • Experience a vibrational shift with the sound healing of the crystal singing bowls.
  • Discover the hidden messages of the number 13 to break through illusion.  The frequency of this number rewires ones bio circuitry to align with the higher energies we are now experiencing in 2013.
  • Discover the source of magick through ritual and ceremony to support you in manifesting all that you desire.  
  • Open your heart to experience unconditional love with the andara crystal from Telos.
  • Experience the power of EB the obsidian crystal skull to activate your own personal timing. Obsidian is the stone of the shaman.  When one sits with this ancient stone being, ones personal journey is revealed.  Having been carried into the center of  Stonehenge, considered to be a significant galactic earth computer at the time of the Venus Full Moon, EB now carries a powerful energy to shatter old cellular patterning and move one forward into their true destiny.  
  • Discover your connection to the crystal grid and the knowledge held within your own DNA.


Wisdom of Merlin
Sunday, April 21, 2012
10:00 – 4:00
$95.00 AUD
The second day the energy will accelerate as one opens fully to earth magick, and the awareness that our ancient ancestors accepted as the key to living in harmony. With this awareness, you can then activate and awaken ancient cellular memory of this interconnectedness with all beings.  You begin to understand and fully appreciate that everything on this Earth, including our bodies, are made of the same star light. 
Mount Warning is a major vortex holding the ancient source of dragon power, on the cosmic grid and one of the sacred mountains in alignment with Mount Shasta in Northern California, the source of the violet flame and the etheric mystery school of the Masters of all faiths. As you integrate the understanding of earth magick into your heart, mind, and being, the many realms of Spirit make themselves available to you in a variety of ways, and you come to truly know the unity of ALL things in Heaven and Earth.
With the conscious awareness of this reality, you begin to deeply appreciate the inherent magick in everyday life but also discover how to cocreate with Spirit to manifest miracles. With this expansive awareness we can also receive continuous, loving guidance from the various manifestations and expressions of Life, both seen and unseen.
  • Open to world of nature as it offers its wisdom and unique light to bring balance, healing, harmony and abundance into your life while experiencing earth magick through various rituals and ceremonies.
  • Feel your connection to the enchanted world of faery as you experience innocence and joy learning to Communicate with the  world of unseen beings, including elves, devas, and nature spirits. Never before have the doorways to the unseen world been more open for communication as they are in the Year of the Venus Star.
  • Remember the Code of the Dragon as you step fully into your destiny. 
  • Gain insight and tools to be the full expression of light as you become a clear channel expressing the Venusian qualities.    One can only become a clear channel by purifying the heart and ego of the old illusions of fear.  Experience a instantaneous shift of consciousness when your heart opens to the magick and Wisdom of the Merlin.
for both days –Discounted Total – $170.00AUD
For more information or to book online with Robbyne LaPlant please contact her
Contact Irene at

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