Synergy Crystal Skull Workshop in March

Synergy, an ancient Crystal Skull, almost as famous at the Michel Hedges
Crystal Skull, is coming to the Castle on the Hill. Sherry Whitfield,
the owner from America, will be using Synergy to teach you how to use
the special and ancient Crystal skull to access your higher self for
information and knowledge. See flyer for more info.

When the Mitchel Hedges came, Bill gave us the experience of his ancient skull, Sherry
will teach you how to use Crystal skulls and Synergy will be the first
ancient skull you will work with. How special is that!!!!!

The workshop is a whole day one and the numbers are limited to 30. Cost
is $165. SO book now. We are filling up. For all you healers and
channels, this is a golden opportunity to enhance your ability.

There are also short 10 to 15 minutes sessions with the Crystal Skull at

Please ring or email me for booking. The dates are 26th and 27th March.
The 26th is the workshop and the 27th is private sessions. My tel is
0266 795442. email:


For more information on the history of the Synergy Skull please go to:




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