March Meditations at the Castle

The first week of the Vedic Discussions and Meditations was lovely. First there was a discussion on some Vedic philosophical principles, followed by a lovely ceremony that honoured the elements, then a beautiful meditation about the element of Water and finally some singing by Elias which was deeply moving. The entire night was a lovely mix of intellectual theory and deeply meditative moments.
The general theme that Yasoda will speak upon over the next month is:
A Vedic perspective of the mind (manas)and how it operates.
We will explore the following aspects in regard to the mind.
1. Description of the mind:
In the Vedic literature a description of the mind is that it is one of the elements of the subtle body.
2. Function of the mind:
It is one of the senses that by which things are perceived or recognised.
3. Purpose of the mind:
It is part of the inner self whose function is to choose or decide.
4. Benefits of controlling the mind:
Making your mind your best friend. Looking at the yoga sutras which reveal the five states of the mind; 
disturbed, bewildered, distracted, concentrated and controlled. 
Srimati will take a guided meditation and Elias will lead bhajans.
Date: 6th March, 13th, 20th, Time: 6.30 to 9pm. Cost: $10 including supper

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