April newsletter with event information

April Newsletter

Greetings to everyone,

How are you? The energies of April is suppose to be quite intense according to Astrological and Sacred Geometry calculations, so please stay calm and give yourselves lots of breathing space and meditate. Robert Martin, who is the protege of the famous Harmonics author and Lecturer Bruce Cathie, suggest we use Solffagio harmonics to tone ourselves to the heart vibration to maintain harmony.

Let me start with a reminder for March events.

Our wonderful Victoria Webby will be facilitating the last two Wednesday meditations in March. Victoria channels and sings in Light Language. she is very popular so come early to get a good seat.

Crystal Deva Astradus is conducting a short workshops on Defining Crystals and Gridding for Portection.Date: 22nd March Cost$80. Time: 9.30 to 3.30. Venue: Castle on the Hill.
This will be so useful for practitioners to protect themselves and clients against unnecessary negative energy interference. And knowing what crystals to use properly.

Autumn equinox with Goddess. Ritual —- Dance


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