My name is Irene Brown and one of my life’s quest is to understand what makes people tick. This has lead me to personal growth workshops in the 1980s with Self Transformation Centre, Insight, EST, and more. This was followed by Business Courses for Entrepreneurs with Excellerated Leaning Institute and Robert Kyosaki. Then came more spiritual workshops such Reiki with Beth Gray, Tarot, Psychic training with a warlock, meditations, and more. As a registered nurse I was already trained in Psychology but I did Life Line training to be more hands on.

While attending the workshops I noticed the difficulty that the facilitators had finding venues that were appropriate for their workshops. So a few people (financial backers) and I tried to set one up in Sydney. That proved to be too challenging and Divine Providence sent me up to Murwillumbah instead to run the conference centre at Mt Warning Lodge. That too did not work out as my dream for creating my own conference centre was too strong. So I teamed up with two established artists and set up the Science-Art Centre. We opened it in 1995. By 2000 I had curated the Science-Art Festival which gave us recognition in the Tweed Area. In 2002, we were invited by the Tweed Shire Council to re-present the Science-Art Festival again under the auspice of the City of the Arts Space sponsored by the NSW Ministry for the arts. This was an major recognition for the Science-Art Centre.

In 2008, Duncan Road of Nexus gave me an outstanding opportunity to host the workshop for the famous Mitchel Hedges Crystal Skull. That launched my conference centre which we called the Castle on the Hill Learning Centre. Since then we have been growing from strength to strength hosting great international names such as Jose Arguillis of the Mayan Calender; Robbyne LaPlant,the Shaman from Mt Shasta; Harry Oldfield the inventor of the energy detecting lens and healing machine;

Stella Wheildon on Aborignal Star Lore; Richard Miller teaching ESP for the military, Jonathan Quintin on Sacred Geometry, Nassim Haremain a famous Physicist, -just to mention a few.

This year I realised I needed a bigger venue. Divine Providence gave me the original centre that I had come to Murwillumbah to run. This venue sits 200 people comfortably. We named it the Wollumbin Light House peace sanctuary. Wollumbin is to show respect to the energy of the sacred mountain and to the indigenous elders and spirits. The Light House is our commitment to shine the light to add positive energy and information to whom are called to be with us and shine their own light.

I hope you will feel the calling to visit us at the Light House and share with us your light.

Sending you Light and Love


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